FRAS™ Plate (Flexible Rifle Armor System)


Born from our FRAS™ (Flexible Rifle Armor System), this FLEXIBLE RIFLE PLATE is our FRAS™ Vest in 10×12 plate form.

It’s not a secret; our iconic Flexible Rifle Body Armor is one of the most innovative protective vests on the planet. That’s why we made these plates from the exact same material that’s in our FRAS™ Vests! This 10×12 plate works seamlessly as a replacement for uncomfortable and impractical hard plates. In addition, this plate is truly “multi-functional” and can be used in conjunction with IIIA+ soft armor OR standalone in a plate carrier or in a backpack.

  • 10×12 Rifle Plates are for Safe Life Defense vest sizes XS and larger.
  • 8″X10″ Plates for Safe Life Defense vest sizes 2XS and smaller.