National Night Out

Our Home Owners Association (HOA) is very active and I am personally very thankful for them. We recently celebrated National Night Out (https://NOTW.ORG). This is a wonderful opportunity for law abiding citizen such as ourselves to engage with our local law enforcement in a positive way. We were fortunate to have 3 Los Angeles County Sheriff Lieutenants and 1 Deputy. They each shared some tidbits about improving neighborhood safety. Here are a few points they made:

  • Know your neighbors so you can all watch out for each other
  • Let your neighbors know when you are traveling instead of posting it on social media for anyone to see (especially while you are still away!)
  • Lock your valuable inside a reasonably secure safe like a gun safe
  • Consider hiding valuables in the kids’ rooms instead of the master bedroom where all the perpetrators go
  • If you see something suspicious, make sure you report it to your local law enforcement non-emergency line at a minimum
  • Put your local law enforcement non-emergency line in your phone so you can actually call them

If we all work together we can make our neighborhoods a safer place to live. It is the responsibility of each person to make it happen!


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